Gulf Canadian Real Estate Investment

Researching and investing in the most unique, comprehensive estates in the industry in order to provide clients with the most suitable real estate investment.

Gulf Canadian real estate investment company, was founded in 1996 in Cairo, Egypt. GCC has many years of experience in buying and selling real estates; since we are part of the Egyptian Real Estate Bank.

The company offers a wide scope of real estate services, more so specializing in rental, management, and sale of up-market residential properties and a variety of commercial properties initially in Egypt. Our experience and knowledge in both residential and commercial property markets in the Middle East and particularly Egypt is drawn from our personnels� wide span of experience in the real estate industry, which has been demonstrated successfully for more than 15 years. Our highly motivated graduate multi-disciplined and professional staff is actively involved in purchasing, developing, renting, and managing both residential and commercial properties.

Gulf Canadian

Cairo, Egypt

P.O.Box: 6713 City

+2 0223 054 372/8 | Fax:+2 022 23 054376